Tar Heel Treasure Yard Sale

I tried to post this under Events but I'm not sure it took and don't want anyone to miss the chance to "reuse".

[Editor's note: I removed the duplicate content. You can see the calendar item at the link below.] 


Sorry, I somehow deleted the date while posting.  The sale is this Saturday, May 15 at the Dean Smith Center, 7:30 a.m. - noon.Linda Convissor

A common mistake in posting events is not posting them in the exact single way the site understands them. The trick is to use the little calendar icon under the date field to pick a date. Then you can still edit the day and time but you will be able to see the correct formatting for it. Sorry, this isn't the most user-friendly part of the site.

I looked at those icons and wondered but didn't have the patience to check them out.  Thanks for making the correction.

Just kidding.

I am an avid bargain hunter, but I won't be going to this yard sale again. After getting there at 8:30 am (no mean feat with 1-year-old in tow) I found that everything was pretty well picked over - not a single toaster oven or decent futon to be had - and the lines to pay snaked around the Smith Center. I'm pretty sure my son wouldn't have tolerated the hour-long wait, so we made a quick pass around the sale for entertainment and left by 9:00.I remember diving the in dumpsters near Cobb dorm in 1993 with my boyfriend to furnish the hovel which we cohabited that summer.  Now THAT was a good deal! ;-)FYI, for folks with kids I highly recommend the twice annual Kids Everywear consignment sale in Morrisville: http://www.kidseverywear.com


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