Unleashing a workable future

Guest post by Barbara Janeway on the results of the Transition Carrboro Chapel Hill brainstorming May 15 at Century Center:

Want our community to be safe and resilient through the coming effects of unstable economy, climate change, and the end of cheap oil? A great start was made on this issue at The Great Unleashing, held May 15 at Carrboro's Century Center, sponsored by Transition Carrboro Chapel Hill.

Over 150 people attended and created the agenda for the day themselves, identifying issues to work with. From these, 28 discussion groups met throughout the day, and brainstormed! By day's end, a powerful 'unleashing' of ideas had occurred, and 21 Action Groups were formed. Many positive visions of our future were communicated!

These Action Groups have begun to meet regularly. And those who join will begin the work of transition in our region, to a more stable local economy with more vibrant local resources. Anyone is welcome to join an action group. The groups will do work on issues such as: more affordable housing, communal gardening, energy independence, children's sustainable education, skill-sharing, health, and many more.

Notes were taken at all the day's brainstorming sessions, and you can read these now online at: www.transitioncch.org The notes are a good summary of the day's action, for those who were not able to be present. While you are at the website, check out the list of newly formed Action Groups. And contact Transition Carrboro Chapel Hill right there online if you want to join one or more of these groups. All are welcome, and of course people’s participation is crucial to defining our common future.

The action groups will seek to work with already-existing community groups, to build coalitions and work together to achieve common goals. Each action group can research what it is that existing groups are already doing that is effective in the area, and seek to build alliances so that more gets done.

Carrboro and Chapel Hill have become the next in a network of hundreds of towns around the globe who have joined a particular model of community-level change called Transition Towns.

This model is intended to transition our community to one that is lower in energy consumption, less dependent on fossil fuels, and more economically and socially resilient. We focus on the level of change on which we have the power to make an impact: local, community-scale action.

This transition refers not just to the towns of Carrboro and Chapel Hill, but entirely to our whole county. It makes sense of think of the County as an area that can be 'transitioned', during the next 5, 10, 20 years, into a more sustainable model of living, working, transporting, disposing of waste, practicing preventive health care, and enjoying our lives together.

Transition Carrboro Chapel Hill invites all individuals to this enlivening, ongoing work. The flowering that began on Transition Day's Great Unleashing, will grow into fruit that will nourish our bodies, minds and communities. Please come and join us.



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