NC Pride 2010 - PhotoBlog

Just got back from NC Pride a few hours ago.  It was great fun.  Saw friends, organizations, groups, and elected officials from across the triangle.  Tons of Elaine Marshall signs around.  Lots of pro-equality churches, and animal welfare/adoption tents.  Here are some of my pictures of the grounds/tents/speeches and parade.  Enjoy!


Okay, so I tried loading like 50 some photos with the photo thingy & they don't seem to show up in the preview window at all, so here is a link to where I put them up on BlueNC. (if I can figure out what went wrong I'll try editing to upload some of them again)



Comments't know where would be best to mention this since I didn't see any active threads about this particular race & since I mentioned Marshall here, I figured why not.  But if you want to share this link anywhere to support the MarshallBomb on Oct 8th, please do so!Early voting starts in like 2 & a half weeks, so any donations would need to happen soon to be worthwhile for helping them get on the air as much as possible as soon as possible (which should help along with the 3 debates planned for later in the month).


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