New back door for OC spending?

There was a mention of this on CHL the other night; Did anyone else catch this public hearing popping up? 


The net net as far as I can tell is that the manager wants to refinance our debt (sounds like a good thing), saving $4.6m over the life of the debt.  And then he proposed $2m in new spending right along with it. 


We were told over and over again this past budget cycle that everything had to be cut because there's no money.  Now, instead of balancing all those things which were cut against this new proposal, some glitzy technology thing gets to jump to the front of the line with little public input to gobble up a large portion of savings that are found.


What I really don't understand is how we can cut basic services in the county and then go spend large amount of $ on "nice to have" like a better property info system (I have no idea if the radios are really needed or not).  I've certainly used the current property info system enough to know it isn't the best.  But can we really afford right now to buy a better one?


btw, my wife's objection is with the timing of this as we're being asked to pass a tax increase too.  I fear the manager thinks he can slip this by before it is noticed, which really irks me in addition to not smelling right.




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