Congrats, Chief-elect Blue!

[Chris Blue headshot]

I just heard that longtime Chapel Hill police officer Chris Blue has been selected as the new chief, as of December 1st. I've known Chris for many years as he used to patrol Northside and really got to know the people and issues there. He's very grounded in Chapel Hill, and although he has a long history with the CHPD I think he's also generally open to new ideas. He's even on Twitter!

While it's disappointing to see the Town continuing the longstanding tradition of white male leadership, I think Chris Blue is emminently qualified and will make a great chief. 


I agree with all that you've said Ruby. Congratulations to Chief Blue. I'll point out that as a long time board member at Volunteers for Youth, he knows that there are important ways to prevent young people from becoming involved with the criminal justice system.As for diversity on the force, I'll put in a plug for Captain Jeff Clark to move up into Chris' vacant Assistant Chief position. Jeff knows cops and knows the community. He'd bring strong and diverse leadership to the force. 

He will do a great job.

Glad to see he's on twitter, its always nice to see community leaders using social networking as another way of connecting to the community. just read there on that link from the town's homepage that he got "his master’s degree in public administration from N.C. State University in 2005" which is kind of cool since thats the program I'm in now (I started in 2009), we've probably had many of the same professors/classes.  Several of my classmates are in fact cops or in the military, and I even found out that General David Petraeus has an MPA from Princeton.  I hadn't realized when enrolling into this program that there would be so many people from that walk of life, and so many other walks of life, but that has made for much more interesting class discussions.  And being someone who is fully sold on the value of an MPA I am happy to see a police chief with that background. Congrats Chief Blue!


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