In The Race for Carrboro Aldermen

Hello OP!

My name is Michelle Johnson. I'm running for Carrboro Board of Aldermen. I'm excited to be involved in the conversation on OP about the many important issues facing our community. 

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Find me on Twitter: @MichelleforBOA

A little more information about me:

I am pleased to announce that on July 1st I will be filing as a candidate for election to the Carrboro Board of Aldermen. I have lived in Carrboro since 2001 and am well connected in the community.  I work and  live in the heart of downtown Carrboro. I'm a clinical social worker in private practice on Weaver Street, an artist working out of my in-home pottery studio on Center Street, a yoga instructor who can often be found at Carrboro Yoga Company, and a social justice activist in Carrboro and across the state.  I look forward to engaging the citizens of Carrboro in the coming months on the many important issues facing the town.  I would like to invite friends and supporters to an informal gathering at the Open Eye Café on July 1st from 5:00pm-7:00pm to celebrate this next chapter in Carrboro leadership.



I'm really excited about you running. I think you'll be a great addition to the Board of Aldermen. And I'm looking forward to learning more about who else will be the race this year.Thanks for reaching out to OP, it's a great way for voters and community leaders to get to know you! See you on Twitter. ;-)

Welcome to the fray, Michelle!  For context, I'll point out that there are three seats on the Board of Aldermen which come up this year.  They are the seats currently held by Joal Broun, Dan Coleman and Lydia Lavelle.  I am not sure if I have heard any official word from the three incumbents about their plans, but the word on the street is that one Alderman will most likely retire at the end of this year, rather than running this fall.Also, a friend called me today to ask if I am running for re-election - even though I have not particularly been keeping it a secret.  So let me just confirm that I am running again.  I am hoping to serve just one more term.

Looks like you're not the only member of the mayoral class of 2005 to be taking another shot at it. Yesterday Tom Stevens announced that he would be running for mayor of Hillsborough again as well.

Thanks for your clarification Mark. Thanks for the welcoming to the Fray! Peace. 


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