Congressional redistricting - NC going Red

Looks like the new congressional map may threaten the seats of four of the state's seven House Democrats. David Price's seat looks even safer under the new map. But it looks like Brad Miller's seat will likely go red in 2012. Barring some scandal, it doesn't look like Battlin' Bob Etheridge won't be able to unseat Ellmers as her district is even more Republican now.

I guess this is done deal as Purdue can't veto redistricting.

I still find it odd that red, the traditional color of communism, is associated with the GOP...

More here:



From what I've heard they've drawn Miller and Price into the same district, and put most of Durham into a different district entirely.

So Heath Shuler is not "red"? David Price supporting the continuation of the failed Afghan War is not "red"? Kay Hagan, big-time military supporter is not "red"?What color is left for those of us who are in favor of common sense, local sustainability, compassion, a global cooperative approach, science-based policies, and protecting communities from corporate colonization?

(as in County, at least)

It looks to me like your post is saying that (1) people that don't agree with your political position are not compassionate and (2) people that are equivalent to or to the left of Heath Shuler or David Price or Kay Hagan don't agree with your political position.  If so then you'd be saying that about 2/3 to 3/4 of Americans aren't compassionate.  Since I've met many different people in my life of all kinds of political persuasions and since most if not all were compassionate, I'm going to assume you didn't really mean to say that.

What's left of that besides common sense, compassion, and fiscal responsibility?


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