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Sorry, Ruby. I know you wanted to write about this topic in the upcoming year, but looks like the town and UNC are a little ahead.  :)

UNC School of Information and Library Science to partner with Town of Chapel Hill
Posted Date: 6/27/2011
The Town of Chapel Hill is poised to benefit from a grant received by UNC-Chapel Hill's School of Information and Library Science to increase the digital curation workforce, focusing on the public information and the integration of public policy with information technology. 

The $897,449 grant, awarded to UNC faculty member Dr. Helen Tibbo from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, will provide funding for graduate level students to intern over three years with the Communications and Public Affairs Department. Other internship sites include the National Archives and Records Administration, NC Department of Cultural Resources Archives and Records Section, UNC at Chapel Hill Libraries' University Archives and Records Management Services, and the Environmental Finance Center at the UNC School of Government. The internships will begin in fall 2011. 

The grant will fund the "Educating Stewards of the Public Information Infrastructure (ESOPI2)" project, an extension of an existing successful ESOPI-21 project. The three year project (2011-2014) is expected to further develop model graduate curriculum and intensive internship opportunities for the curation and stewardship of digital public information as well as conduct continuing education for government information professionals. It builds on the School of Information and Library Sciences' (lead partner) DigCCurr, DigCCurr II, and ESOPI-21 projects, and its existing dual degree programs with UNC's School of Government and Digital Curation Certificate. 

"This is really exciting," Tibbo said. "Not only does this funding support the education of individuals who will go out and help government agencies at all levels to create and implement better information technology and public documents policies, it also allows us to strengthen our ties with the UNC School of Government." 

For more information, contact Sabrina Oliver, director of Communications and Public Affairs, at 919-968-2743




That would be a good problem to have, but it hasn't happened yet. Hopefully there are some improvements we can push for without waiting for the results of this 3-year study. 

I'll be disappointed if this is just a study.  I read "intern" as workers who will make a difference in CH's technology, not doing research.  Hope I'm right on this...


I hope so too. In fact, the added talent and time of some graduate students might make this a great time for the public (us) to push for some better policies. I very much look forward to seeing how this goes. But I will be taking action, not just watching. :-)

I really like the idea of this site (Police to Citizens) --  We'll see how it goes forward, but seems like a great resource.

But I just came across Chapel Hill's answer to Mark Chilton's Carrboro media Google group for official correspondence --

Cool, but how do you access it? I just get prompted for a user name and password.

Apparently there's a redirect before that URL that handles the login.  Try  or go to the Government menu of the town website, Mayor and Council, Email archive (at the bottom).


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