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The annual North Carolina Pride Parade happened today as it has now for many, many years.  In addition to the celebration of the diverse community that Pride always represents, there was also a special urgency created by the recent passage of a bill to put the marriage discrimination amendment on the ballot this coming May.  This was a moment to both enjoy how far we've come, and organize for the challenges ahead.  It was great to see Orange County and UNC so well represented at Pride.




Franklinton's (openly gay) Mayor Elic Senator

Our lovely Orange County Crew:


Equality NC hard at work against Amendment One:

UNC's pride parade float:

Shake it!

Go team Bell!

More photos, discussion, and links are probably coming, but I think this is a good start.  And though the parade may be over, Pride weekend isn't quite yet.  Here are some upcoming events in Chapel Hill: 

 Sunday, September 25th

Chapel Hill


10am - noon "NC Pride Breakfast/Brunch at Crooks Corner, 610 West Franklin St. open to alll"

2:00pm Listz Piano Concert by Dr.Thomas Otten at Kenan Music Hall on UNC campus

4pm Post Pride Coffee at the Sugarland

7pm "Cocktails with the Mayor of Chapel Hill - Sheraton Chapel Hill Hotel, 1 Europa Drive"

8pm "Dinner with the Mayor of Chapel Hill - Sheraton Chapel Hill Hotel, 1 Europa Drive"

10 - 2 am "Dancing at Stir in East End Martini Bar, 201 East Franklin St."



Some news coverage of the celebration: of course I got a new facebook photo out of it!  

A group of many organizations and individuals came together as a new coalition group called All of Us NC in only a week to put on a workshop that ended up with about 100 people in attendance!  This workshop was designed to talk about the amendment, create some clarification around it, and tap into people's ability do relational organizing.  Big money from groups like NOM may pour into the state, but we have the relationships with friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors that can make a difference.  This workshop's goal was to help create more conversations with those people, and to make those conversations more successful when they do happen.Opening with a song: Happy to see Pam Spaulding there:A UNC legal expert adding some clarification around the amendment:Equality NC was there too of course:I was very happy to have been a part of that from the meeting a week ago in a house in Durham, to committee meetings to focus on different sections, to facilitating a part of the workshop, and talking about some of Democracy NC's issues in opposing voter suppression.   Any potential victory on this amendment will be by a slim margin, and if these voter suppression efforts are successful that could be the difference.


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