Sierra Club 2011 Carrboro Mayor and Board of Aldermen Endorsements

The North Carolina chapter of the Sierra Club proudly announces its endorsements for the 2011 Carrboro races.  The Sierra Club supports candidates with demonstrated knowledge of local environmental issues who will provide strong leadership on matters including growth and conservation.For mayor of Carrboro, the Sierra Cub endorses incumbent Mark Chilton.For Carrboro Board of Aldermen the Sierra Club endorses incumbents Dan Coleman and Lydia Lavelle, and challenger Michelle Johnson.  Mayor Chilton, who has held the mayor’s office since 2005, earns the Sierra Club’s continued support for his consistent leadership on environmental issues affecting the town and county. In particular the club supports his work on solid waste and helping shape development in Carrboro to support walkability, bikability, and mass transportation.Dan Coleman, who received the Sierra Club endorsement in his previous race, has consistently supported environmental positions in his term on the board.  Coleman is a strong advocate for transit, increasing density of development along transit corridors, and forward thinking in areas of water conservation and solid waste reduction.Lydia Lavelle, also previously endorsed by the Sierra Club, has significant knowledge and experience in working on environmental issues for Carrboro. In her capacity as an Alderman, she is currently serving as chair of the Transportation Advisory Committee of the Durham-Chapel Hill-Carrboro Metropolitan Planning Organization and as a member of Chapel Hill Transit’s Transit Partners Committee. She has also worked to improve the bicycle and greenway network for the town.Michelle Johnson, a progressive candidate who is making her first run for Board of Aldermen, has demonstrated a good grasp of local environmental issues. She supports a walkable and bikable community, local and global environmental protections, and building a strong local living economy.The Sierra Club encourages its members and any residents of Carrboro who care about the environment to support candidates who have shown leadership on these issues in the Nov. 8 municipal elections. We are confident that these Sierra Club endorsed candidates will make a positive difference.The Orange Chatham Group of the North Carolina Sierra Club conducted candidate interviews, held a candidate forum jointly with the Chapel Hill Carrboro Chamber of Commerce and made recommendations on endorsements to the North Carolina Sierra Club.



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