Sierra Club 2011 Chapel Hill Mayor and Town Council Endorsements

The North Carolina chapter of the Sierra Club proudly announces its endorsements for the 2011 Chapel Hill town races.  The Sierra Club supports candidates with demonstrated knowledge of local environmental issues who will provide strong leadership on matters including growth and conservation.For mayor of Chapel Hill, the Sierra Cub endorses incumbent Mark Kleinschmidt. For Chapel Hill Town Council, the Sierra Club endorses incumbents Donna Bell and Jim Ward and challengers Jason Baker and Lee Storrow.  Mayor Kleinschmidt, who has held the mayor’s office since 2009, earns the Sierra Club’s continued support for his leadership on mass transit, solid waste management, and carbon reduction.Jason Baker has a long history of interest in and passion for environmental issues and has served on the town Transportation, Planning, and Comprehensive Plan advisory committees. He is a strong supporter of transit-oriented development and strengthening the local economy in environmentally appropriate ways. Jason has taken a leave of absence from the Executive Committee of the Sierra Club Orange-Chatham Group during his campaign for town council.Donna Bell, standing for election after her appointment to town council in 2009, is a strong supporter of mass transit, extension of bike facilities downtown, tree cover, and regional mass transit.Lee Storrow’s support for the environment includes his organizing UNC students in Jordan Lake cleanups and strong support of the urban buffer, mass transit, and transit-oriented development.Jim Ward, previously endorsed by the Sierra Club, has deep knowledge of and experience with Chapel Hill's environmental issues and supports improved bicycle and pedestrian access, and and has championed improved energy saving and green features in Chapel Hill buildings.The Sierra Club encourages its members and any residents of Chapel Hill who care about the environment to support candidates who have shown leadership on these issues in the Nov. 8 municipal elections. We are confident that these Sierra Club-endorsed candidates will make a positive difference.The Orange-Chatham group interviewed candidates, held candidate a joint forum with the Chapel Hill Carrboro Chamber of Commerce and made recommendations on endorsments to the North Carolina Chapter of the Sierra Club. ###



I was not surprised to see these five people endorsed by the Sierra Club. All have shown incredible support of environmental-friendly initiatives and awareness. I will no doubt be voting for Mark Kleinschmidt for Mayor and Donna Bell, Jim Ward, Jason Baker and Lee Storrow for Town council. I am especially impressed with Lee Storrow's stance on the environment and his passion for serving the Chapel Hill area. He has shown amazing leadership and an excitement that will better Chapel Hill's community. I'm looking forward to November 8!

The Sierra Club endorsements matter because our environment matters.  Ecological priorities are the foundation of healthy growth from which sustainability and economic development can blossom.Thanks to the Sierra Club for sharing which candidates they see as the ones who have the strongest awareness of the necessity for vigilance and responsibility toward our shared environment. Del Snow


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