2012: My View; Marlowe Foster, Candidate for Labor Commissioner in North Carolina

Every election cycle we hear the familiar refrain that this is the most important election of our life.  For the first time in my life, I believe it.  2012 IS the most important election we have faced.  Anger and frustration toward elected officials reigns.  We face extreme budgetary challenges as a state and nation.  Anytime you express policy differences you are immediately charged with being anti-American.  There is no focus on finding solutions to problems.  2012 is pivotal in determining whether the state we leave our children is better or worse than in the past.

North Carolina will again be a battleground of all battlegrounds.  I am running for Labor Commissioner because I truly believe I am the most qualified, best-prepared candidate.  We need someone at the Department of Labor fighting for North Carolina workers.  Creating good, safe jobs and being a strong partner with our community college system for the training and re-training of our workforce are critical to help turn our economy around and move North Carolina forward.  

The political reality is also undeniable.  Having a highly qualified, diverse candidate seeking statewide office helps drive vote down ballot and is critical for all Democrats to be successful in 2012. Our party must be unified on our slate early, so we can focus our resources on winning and not on each other.  

We have put a strong team together with a strategy to win.  Please visit my website at http://www.marlowefoster.com to learn more about our campaign and join me in the fight for North Carolina workers. 




        How will you
"create"  jobs?

From your page: We need to
focus our attention on companies that have not made safety a priority.

As NC is the most regulated state I
have ever seen, there has to be a MOUNTAIN of regulation already in place in
regards to work place safety. Are you thinking of creating jobs...by adding to
the regulatory enforcement? So many companies in the state are already burdened
by regulatory hurdles imposed of which much has been guided/promoted by
organizations and consensus groups that are not directly accountable to those
they oversee. Will you review regulations for redundancy and cost effectiveness
for the real producer in the chain?

You champion the NCCCS as a Jewel and a
help drive economic development. I do not see how, this seems happy talk not
grounded in reality but perhaps more a desire to garner support from NCCCS. With tuition rates 3x higher than inflation, and
taxpayer monies funneling into them they are at best a drain. As bulk of
graduates have little skill in the real world (yet) thus they produce nothing
and if the OWS crowd is any indicator their degrees are not what is needed in
the market. There is the perpetual construction with in the system that does
foster development at a cost to the taxpayer and the individual who actually
pays their tutition. This seems happy talk not grounded in reality.

You cite a desire to:Work environments
that are balanced, flexible and supportive of those with family needs lead to
greater production.  

What? If a business under it’s model
cannot arrive at it's own conclusion for the best mechanism for production then
it will evolve or die as it should. This notion of politicians injecting
"social bliss" as a vote buying tactic into private business models
is symptomatic of the failures of government itself. See Fanny and Freddy. Only
Government only succeeds at this via no competition and a steady diet of
unbroken funding from those who produce.

 “It is not from the
benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we can expect our
dinner, but from their regard to their own interest”-Adam Smith (Wealth
of Nations)

 I see a resume filled w/ academia,
counsels, boards and the like.

I see no ownership. I see no evidence
of owning a business, meeting a payroll, and meeting the demands of regulators
for the survival of your personal company.

I see social engineering, social
catering, and a ladder of bureaucracy.

I wish you the best of Luck in life, I
just hope that the only life you end up regulating is your own as I see nothing
to suggest you will provide liberty to the producers of this state.

Chris Weaver      Weakness is provocative.
"One of the most noble things you can do is kill the enemy."-Maj. Douglas Zembiec


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