Kay Hagan is a Democrat?

I'm appalled with our 'D' senator in 2 distinctly dismal ways this afternoon.

First, Hagan votes to legalize the military to snatch and indefinitely detain anyone accused of being a scary 'terrorist.'  Specifically, no lawyer will be allowed for anyone so accused.  Also, this authorizes military actions within the US (um, posse comitatus? anyone?)  This includes US citizens like me and you, dear reader.  (Note this bill will extend to the military this unconstitutional priviledge currently only enjoyed by the president.)


More info here:


Next, she proposes a bill to enrich our corporate overlords yet even more and restrict worker pay.  The bill would make it illegal for IT server administrators to receive overtime compensation - even if their employer were so inclined.  Well, we don't want the serfs getting uppity, do we Senator?  Odd, I thought Democrats were only the side of labor - a quaint notion, I'm sure.  New Deal and all that, so last year.


Can we please find a better progressive candidate to represent North Carolina as soon as possible?  The Democratic party has lost the plot.  Normally, I don't get involved with our local politics but I have to say - Kay Hagan does not represent me or my beliefs.



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