Kinnaird to Run for 8th NC Senate Term

Ellie Kinnaird has announced that she will running for re-election to the NC Senate this year. In past years she claimed that she was ready to retire, but only if she could find a suitable female replacement.  Here's the press release:

North Carolina State Senator Ellie Kinnaird
Contact: Senator Ellie Kinnaird
919 824-5240

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012


Senator Kinnaird announced today that she will be seeking re-election to represent the people of the 23rd District of the North Carolina Senate.  Although there is uncertainty about the final district maps for the 2012 election, it is highly likely that the Senate's 23rd District will be Chatham and Orange Counties.  She said, “I have been privileged to serve Orange County since being elected to the Senate and  I am excited to return to Chatham County which I know well from representing the people of Chatham in the past.  At the same time I am sad to lose Person County where I have met many fine people and made many friends.” 

This term, the Republicans in the North Carolina House and Senate have drastically changed direction.    From dismantling state environmental protections to attacking voter access, and from assaults on women’s health to undermining what should be constitutionally protected equal treatment under the law, the Republican-controlled legislature has been focused on their most divisive goals rather than the problems facing the people of North Carolina. Senator Kinnaird said, “In my time in the Senate, I have fought for open and honest government, for a quality education for all, for a robust economy with good jobs in the industries of the future, for a healthy environment, for equal opportunity and equal protection under the law.  These are the issues on which we should all be focused.”  .  

Senator Kinnaird has a long record of principled leadership on behalf of the people of her district and the state, not for the special interests.  She stopped the southeastern states from dumping their nuclear waste in Chatham County.  Senator Kinnaird established the farm use tax status to protect the land on which our food and our futures depend and to help farm families have viable businesses.  “I am always mindful of my responsibility to take the values, concerns and aspirations of my constituents to Raleigh.  I have worked hard both for the working families in our district and for the people of North Carolina and I am proud of my record in the Senate.  When I was an Appropriations co-chair, I worked to write a balanced budget that helps rather than hurts our people.  I have always supported education from early childhood programs like Smart Start and More at Four through our fine community college systems and great universities.  Many environmental protections were enacted through my work, but the Republicans are overturning many of those crucial measures.  I am committed to work for the people of our district to once again make government a responsive partner in improving the lives of our people with opportunities for good jobs, a quality education and a healthy environment.

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For more information, you may contact Senator Kinnaird as indicated above. 



I’m a fan of Senator Kinnaird and all the great work she has done for the region and North Carolina, and can happily vote for her again if given the opportunity.  At the same time more people tend to vote during big election years, which results in a more progressive electorate than one typically sees in off-year elections.  This could be an opportunity to find the kind of progressive that would continue and build upon her legacy well.  (I’m also not opposed to a lot of Democratic Primary challenges for this May, because the General Assembly scheduled the amendment vote during the GOP Presidential Primary which means that without something to counterbalance it, the turn out could be heavily skewed).


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