Chapel Hill 2020- OWASA & Our Water Supply


Monday, February 6, 2012 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm


Council Chamber, Chapel Hill Town Hall

Chapel Hill 2020 Special Presentation: OWASA and our Water Supply

A special presentation will be given on the topic of the community's water supply by representatives from OWASA. More details regarding this presentation will come soon.

These special presentations are a part of the Town's Chapel Hill 2020 process:

The community and the Town Council have asked for a new Comprehensive Plan to reexamine the vision for Chapel Hill and to plan together for our community's future. The new planning and visioning document will create a framework for the community to guide the Town Council in managing Chapel Hill's future over the next 10 years.

Chapel Hill 2020 is a plan that involves Chapel Hill, every community, every race, every age, every culture, every corner. What is in Chapel Hill 2020 will directly affect you -- your values, your ambitions, your family, your future. You have made Chapel Hill your town, and we want to hear from you. Check the blog for the latest ...

For more information about Chapel Hill 2020, visit


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