Presentation on Chapel Hill's future transit network on Friday

The Chapel Hill 2020 process has a special presentation on Friday 2/10 at noon in Town Council Chambers,
" The Light Rail and Bus Rapid Transit: Chapel Hill's Future Transit Network."
Here's a link to the PR:
Based on much experience with presenter David Bonk, even though he'll be dressed in a suit, he will be plenty willing to move the event into informal discussion. I'm hoping for some turnout, as I believe the local public needs to get more familiar with these alternatives as the Orange Commissioners move now into finalizing a bus and rail plan. 
I plan to attend, traveling there and back by bicycle on what promises to be a nice day weatherwise.
 BTW, thanks for folks starting to pay much attention to the Orange Commissioners' discussions, including attending and speaking at their meetings. The work session at Southern Human Services Center next Tuesday night won't have public comment, but should have interesting discussion. Also, it's probable that at least one incumbent will have filed by then, along with at least one challenger. 

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