Renee Price announces for BoCC District 2


I'm sure the posse will post this with more clarity, but since I had to look it up, I'm sure others don't know exactly what we're voting on this spring (filing starts Monday):

 Current BoCC terms ending this year:

Bernadette Pelissier


 at large

Pam Hemminger



Valerie Foushee



Steve Yuhasz




I'm thrilled to see a Democratic challenger in this race and I hope there are a few more. The current Board of Commissioners doesn't seem to be working for anyone but Frank Clifton, and it's becoming clear we need a change.

Somebody needs to step up in District 1 and replace Pam Hemminger. With the new screwed up district system, she ran unopposed four years ago, never had to educate herself for forums, and continues to be primarily a seat-warmer at BOCC meetings. Seriously, anyone with a pulse could take her spot. 

Glad to see some competition in District 2. Hopefully we'll get someone that actually represents district 2 viewpoints. Haven't seen that yet in curretn 2 District 2 commissioners (ie sales tax ) 

Please allow me to stand up for Commissioner Hemminger.   While we cannot endorse candidates - we have working relationships with most elected officials  - and can share our experience.  

We have worked closely and effectively with Pam.
For us, an important criteria for any elected official is a
willingness to engage in open and informed discussions with the citizens.

Here’s Pam's track record as we see it:

Led the effort to keep a waste
facility out of Bingham Township.  She had the courage to cast the single vote
against it from the start, and work with the citizens on shaping
our advocacy and finding alternatives.

Supported our proposal to keep
industrial and commercial zoning out of the rural areas

Worked with Justice
United/OCV/RENA to get the landfill closed and provide amenities to Rogers
Road. She met with us several times to discuss details and
practicalities of the campaign, and delivered.

Engaged with the rural fire departments
to get the facts around radio outages and emergency services.
Her votes on these important issues will be
fully informed.

Asking hard questions about
transit – and navigating difficult political waters filled with many strong
opinions – that are not always supported by facts.

Pam has been
open and available - and willing to work with us on the important issues that
face our communities.  We don't always agree - but everyone has a voice.
That makes all the difference.

Pam now has a forum of 4 years of service - I'm sure she'll be happy to  put her track record on the ballot.  

I look forward to meaningful chatter from OP on the upcoming elections. It
would be helpful to learn more about the candidate’s results - not their rhetoric.

Bonnie Hauser


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