1/3rd of Steve Yuhasz’s campaign donations are from a PAC in Greensboro




Actually, this is a PAC whose current mailing address is in Greensboro. It's the PAC of the state Realtors association. I'd find it interesting if anyone gave to both candidates. Ed Harrison

I didn't give enough to require disclosure, but I did give to both Penny & Mark.

What would be great for overall transparency is a database for LOCAL elections into which campaign finance reports could be entered over time. The value of the database would grow with each additional election.  www.opensecrets.org has already done this on the Federal level, but I'm not aware of anything like it for races for local offices.  Has anybody else seen a tool like this? Or does anybody with the programming skills feel like making one?Frankly, I'm less interested in the individual contributions to candidates as I am in the influx of money that seems to arrive with ballot initiatives.  If anyone remembers the land transfer tax, this is the type of ballot item I am thinking of. I got a ton of propaganda in my mailbox from out-of-county real estate interests, much of it full of misinformation.


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