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Early voting is well underway, and many of you have already made up your minds about who to vote for. This is our annual special-rules post to learn who your favorites on this year's ballot. Here's OP's 2012 candidate list including links to all of their websites. And our eletion info in general is at orangepolitics.org/elections-2012.

The rules: only write who you are voting for (and why, if you like). You may also list the people you would vote for if you lived in their districts. Do not refer (by name or specific description) to any candidates that you are not publicly supporting. If you do not follow the rules, your comments will be removed. (You are free to write comments on other posts, or even post your own blog entry, that are critical of the candidates. In fact, you are warmly invited to do so!)


District 2 County Commissioner:Renee Price - Knowledgeable on County issues and will bring an environmental perspective.District 1 County Commissioners:Mark Dorosin - His commitment to social justice and enriching our local economy will be invaluable. Plus, in a merger of his sense of fun and economic development, he is promoting an Orange County Fair.Penny Rich - She has a history of active engagement on the issues, communicating well, and being very approachable. She would bring a much-needed environmental perspective to the Board. Additionally, the current BOCC would benefit greatly from the infusion of energy and creativity that these two would bring.House District 50:Bill Moyers (write-in) - because he represents a strong commitment to civil and Constitutional rights.  Governor:Bill Faison - simply because he is the only candidate with the native intelligence to oppose fracking

OK, I'll start. Below is the letter I just sent to the Chapel Hill News.Local politics can be difficult to follow, given the minimal media coverage and (fortunate) lack of political party involvement. Friends often ask me for my advice about how to vote in sleepy local elections such as this year’s Orange County Commissioners race. I can’t in good conscience endorse any of the incumbents. [Negative remarks redacted.]I strongly endorse Mark Dorosin and Penny Rich in District 1. Both will bring good ideas and real leadership to the Board of Orange County Commissioners. In District 2, I support Renee Price who will be a better advocate for progressive policies than the incumbent. If you live in Hillsborough or rural Orange County, you will also be selecting 3 school board members. I recommend giving a vote to Lawrence Sanders who will bring thoughtful enthusiasm to the job. And there can be no doubt that Valerie Foushee is the best choice for NC House in every way. I’m happy to say that The Independent Weekly agrees, and endorsed all of these candidates as well.If you enjoy living in one of the most open-minded and forward-thinking counties in North Carolina, as I do, I hope you will join me in voting for these hard-working progressive leaders. And if you have your own ideas about who people should vote for, I hope you will join the conversation at orangepolitics.org/issue/elections/2012.

Here's how I early voted: -National-President: Obama -State-Governor: Walter Dalton - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3L_-OcODLMLt. Gov: Linda ColemanAg Commissioner: Scott Bryant*Labor Commissioner: Marlowe FosterTreasurer: Janet Cowell -Local-Rep District 50: Valarie FousheeCounty Commissioners: Penny Rich AND Mark Dorosin -Amendment-AGAINST!!!! Had I been a Libertarian, I would have voted Gary Johnson for his stances supporting marriage equality and public campaign financing.*As a former veterinary clinic employee in Carrboro, and as a pet owner, I liked Bryant's statements supporting animal welfare and pet welfare.  His statement against the government getting into peoples bedrooms is a nice side bonus given the amendment on the ballot, even if it doesn't have much to do with his job.I'd suggest taking a look at the Durham People's Alliance's endorsements and questionnaire responses for the state level races:http://www.durhampa.org/pac/2012-elections/ 

I don't have a strong opinion on the GA primary, so I'll refrain from commenting.  For governor, I'm supporting Walter Dalton.  For Lt.Gov., I'm supporting Eric Mansfield. for BOCC, I support Mark Dorosin. 

I will be voting AGAINST the proposed amendment.  For county commissioner, I am supporting Pam Hemminger and Mark Doroson.Pam will protect our community's commitment to a strong educational system. She is honest, hardworking, and open-minded. She does her homework and considers the competing needs of county residents before arriving at a position. I especially like the thoughtfulness Pam demonstrates in her communications with citizens. I trust her to stay focused on policies that are ethical, cost effective and achieveable.Mark sees people, the economy and the environment as a single, integrated system. We cannot continue make decisions/policies that benefit one without considering the impact on the others. And like Mark M, I love the idea of a county fair. I grew up in southern Missouri and the county fair was one of the most exciting events of the year.I especially appreciated the thoughtful, practical and ethical responses both of these candidates gave on the issue of waste management. 

Gov: DaltonBOCC: Rich and DorosinAmendment One: Against 


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