Who's driving this thing?

Last night, the County Commissioners did a pretty good job of displaying why it has been so easy, maybe even necessary, for the County Manager to be such a policy leader. Fortunately, I did see Barry Jacobs really step up and push the board forward on transit. I think he'll be even more effective when joined by 2 or 3 new allies after the general election.

Big items on the agenda included delaying property revaluation, reappointing the defunct Economic Development Commission, and approving a long-awaited transit plan. They managed to do all three, but not without some kicking and screaming. See my live tweetage and other responses on Storify and below.



Just a general thanks for all the effort you guys put into live-blogging these lengthy meetings of government bodies. It's a real service.

I didn't think it tweetworthy last night, but it does seem worth mentioning that first Earl McKee and then Barry Jacobs used stories about mules to illustrate their points during the transit discussion last night. That was in the after-10-pm portion of the meeting, of course. 

Initially I was surprised at Chair Pelissier's vote to go with the back-room, exclusive appointment process to the new Economic Dev. Board. However, it seems that she was voting defensively as the Chair who colluded with Clifton to fast-track the handpicked from the narrow Chamber of Commerce perspective.  

I'd love to get some feedback on the vote to delay the property revaluation, what is the consensus on the decision to delay the property revaluations. In addition to an answer yes or no, please include the supporting ideology or reasoning for your answer. Thx in advance! 


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