Charter Schools License Revoked

This item was in today's Public School Forum. Not sure if this will show up on the site. I think it's interesting. State Board of Education Revokes Charter of Three Schools      Three North Carolina charter schools may lose their ability to operate independently of traditional public schools. The State Board of Education voted Wednesday to revoke the charters of Bridges Charter School in Wilkes County and Highland Charter School in Gastonia after fewer than 60 percent of the students attending the schools were proficient in required subjects and students failed to meet learning targets. Though nearly four dozen charter schools have been closed since the mid-1990s, these two charter schools would be the first to lose their charter for failing to educate students. The State Board also voted Wednesday to revoke the charter of Cape Lookout Marine Science High School in Morehead City due to financial problems. (THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, 7/11/12)


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