Preparing for the Inter-City Visit to Bloomington, Indiana

Nearly 80 participants leave for Bloomington a week from this Sunday. The discussions to be held during the visit should spark some interesting dialogue both during the event and once back in Orange County. The visit is split up into a series of Conversations with topics including: Community Branding, Economic Development, A Thriving Downtown, Student Housing, University-Community Partnerships,Innovations in Government, Community Colleges: Entrepreneurship and Workforce Development, and K-12 Education. There will also be time for one-on-one conversations with our counterparts. On the second day there will be field trips to a trail, theater, high school, museum, or art center (I hope to go visit the Bloomington Community Orchard).

The Twitter hashtag for the visit is #ICV2012. I plan to tweet during the visit (@mollsdemarco), and I imagine a number of others will as well.

Here is the list of participants (with links to their Twitter profiles), in case you want to let them know questions you would like them to ask or want to follow up with them when they return:

  1. Aaron Bachenheimer, Director, Fraternity & Sorority Life and Community Involvement, University of North Carolina
  2. Dianne Bachman, Assistant Director for Project Management, University of North Carolina – Facilities and Planning
  3. Bruce Ballentine, President, Ballentine Associates
  4. Mary Beck, Senior Vice President, System Affiliations, UNC Hospitals
  5. Donna Bell, Council Member, Town of Chapel Hill
  6. Michael Bertucci, President, UNC Graduate and Professional Student Federation
  7. Fred Black, Senior Vice President, Black Star Strategies, Inc
  8. Sylvia Black, President, Black Star Strategies, Inc
  9. Chris Blue, Chief of Police, Chapel Hill Police Department
  10. Steve Brantley, Director, Orange County Economic Development
  11. Andrea Cash, Editor, Chapel Hill Magazine/The WEEKLY
  12. Greg Childress, Reporter, Durham Herald-Sun
  13. Mark Chilton, Mayor, Town of Carrboro
  14. George Cianciolo, President, Chapel Hill Public Library Foundation
  15. Frank Clifton, County Manager, Orange County
  16. Judith Cone, Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of North Carolina
  17. Linda Convissor, Director, Local Relations, University of North Carolina
  18. Peter de Leon, General Manager, University Mall
  19. Mariana Fiorentino, Eco-Broker/Owner, Terra Nova Global Properties
  20. Glenn George, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, UNC Health Care System
  21. Penny Gluck, Executive Dean for Orange County Operations, Durham Technical Community College
  22. Desiree Goldman, Realtor, RE/MAX Winning Edge
  23. Lisa Goldstein, Chair, Chapel Hill Public Arts Commission
  24. Karol Gray, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, University of North Carolina
  25. Jean Greer, President, Public Art & Design
  26. Kevin Gunter, Lieutenant, Chapel Hill Police Department
  27. Mike Hammon, President, Ram Residential
  28. Ed Harrison, Mayor Pro Tem, Town of Chapel Hill
  29. Margaret Hauth, Planning Director, Town of Hillsborough
  30. Bill Ingram, President, Durham Technical Community College
  31. Emily Kass, Director, Ackland Art Museum
  32. Aaron Keck, News Director, 97.9 WCHL/
  33. Jon Keener, Development Manager, Ram Realty Services
  34. Mark Kleinschmidt, Mayor, Town of Chapel Hill
  35. Barry Leffler, Owner, 97.9 WCHL/
  36. Will Leimenstoll, Student Body President, UNC Student Government
  37. Michael Lemanski, Director, Development Finance Initiative, UNC School of Government
  38. Margot Lester, Tycoon, The Word Factory
  39. Dan Levine, Self Help Credit Union
  40. Todd LoFrese, Assistant Superintendent for Support Services, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools
  41. Brian Lowen, Town Commissioner, Town of Hillsborough
  42. Torin Martinez, Manager, UNC Health Care
  43. Karen McCall, Vice President, UNC Health Care
  44. Jeff McCracken, Director, UNC Chapel Hill Public Safety
  45. Meg McGurk, Executive Director, Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership
  46. Will McInerney, Executive Director, Sacrificial Poets
  47. Earl McKee, Commissioner, Orange County Government
  48. Gordon Merklein, Executive Director, Real Estate, University of North Carolina
  49. Graig Meyer, Director of Student Equity and Volunteer Services, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools
  50. Aaron Nelson, President and CEO, Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce
  51. Laurie Paolicelli, Executive Director, Chapel Hill/Orange County Visitors Bureau
  52. Michael Parker, Managing Partner, Noveritas LLC
  53. Gene Pease, Council Member, Town of Chapel Hill
  54. Bernadette Pelissier, County Commissioner, Orange County Board of Commissioners
  55. Scott Radway, Partner, Radway Design Associates
  56. Penny Rich, Council Member, Chapel Hill Town Council
  57. Pilar Rocha-Goldberg, President/CEO, El Centro Hispano, Inc
  58. Bob Saunders, Partner, Brooks Pierce Law Firm
  59. Erin Schuettpelz, Chief of Staff, University of North Carolina
  60. Carl Schuler, RN, UNC Hospitals
  61. Ellen Shannon, Vice President, Chapel Hill Magazine/The Weekly
  62. Roger Stancil, Town Manager, Town of Chapel Hill
  63. Diana Steele, Owner/Director/Teacher, Willow Hill Preschool
  64. Tom Stevens, Mayor, Town of Hillsborough
  65. Annetta Stokes Streater, Board Member, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools
  66. Annette Stone, Director of Economic and Community Development, Town of Carrboro
  67. Lee Storrow, Council Member, Chapel Hill Town Council
  68. Jenny Surane, Assistant City Editor, The Daily Tar Heel
  69. Patti Thorp, University of North Carolina
  70. Holden Thorp, Chancellor, University of North Carolina
  71. Jim Ward, Council Member, Town of Chapel Hill
  72. Carver Weaver, Director of Marketing and Communications, Durham Technical Community College
  73. Megan Wooley, Housing and Neighborhood Services Planner II, Town of Chapel Hill
  74. Jeffrey York, Public & Cultural Arts Administrator, Town of Chapel Hill
  75. Paige Zinn, Principal, Jennings
  76. Omar Zinn, President, Parker Louis

Chamber of Commerce Staff

  1. Meg Branson, Vice President, Membership, Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce
  2. Laura Morrison, Program Director, Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce
  3. Kristen Smith, Director of Public Policy and Member Engagement, Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce



Total votes: 112


Thanks, Molly, for compiling the list. This is the first Inter-City participant roster that I've seen to date.  The Inter-City orientation will be in the Chamber's large conference room on Wednesday, September 5th, from 08:00am-9:30am.The orientation should go into details about travel and upcoming session topics.  

Something of interest that I did not see posted on Orange Politics yet was the link to the Chamber's 2012 State of the Community Report held at the Friday Center on Tuesday, August 28th.



I look forward to your insights from Bloomington! 


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