Terrible news: The Carrboro Citizen may shut down if they don't find a new owner.


I've heard a few people on Twitter and Facebook talking about whether it would be possible to form some kind of community-based organization to buy and operate The Citizen. Some raise questions about whether it could work as an online-only publication (as it was when it first started). I rarely utilize dead-tree periodicals but for those that do, isn't an online Citizen better than no Citizen?I can't imagine any individual or corporation that would want to buy an enterprise like this, so I actually think a community-based solution may be the only way to save The Citizen. One friend also asked about whether WCHL or Chapel Hill Magazine might bite, but certainly hope not.

We had purchased carrborocitizen.com toward the end of 2006 and Kirk went ahead and put it up but we didn't have any real news reporting until we started print publication on March 21, 2007. 

Robert Dickson 


Mark Schultz's article in Friday's News & Observer almost had a tinge of envy when he described the CItizen as being known for "its colorful pages, hyper-local focus and a front-page column about plants..."  Ken Moore's front page (which dependably jumps to the back page) has the two other characteristics, never getting all that far from Carrboro. Those of us who have followed Ken's example in preaching/teaching about area vegetation and the scenic places it lives, especially appreciate the "hyper-local" part. And overall, the Citizen gives the fairest coverage to local government. If that's "hyper" then Schultz is also giving a compliment to a competitor.    Ed Harrison


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