#ICV2012 Day One

Today 70 Orange County residents traveled to Bloomington, Indiana for a Inter-City Visit to learn how their community deals with challenges related to public policy, student housing, economic development, and other questions. These trips are only as valuable as the information we bring back to Orange County, and I hope that through my tweets, posts on Orange Politics, and work when I return to Chapel Hill, I can provide insights into our trip and improve our community.

Most of the first day was travel from Chapel Hill to Bloomington. I started the morning by boarding a shuttle bus from University Mall at 7:00 AM, and didn’t arrive in Bloomington until 2:30 PM. That being said, I already have ideas and thoughts about how we can improve Chapel Hill based on experiences in Bloomington. Meg McGurk from the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership tweeted this afternoon about Bloomington’s wayfaring signs indowntown.

RT @CHDPartnership Great wayfinding signs in downtown Bloomington!  This girl needs her coffee! pic.twitter.com/vuvDapeV 

We discussed their kiosks and signage this evening, and quickly realized that similar signage in Chapel Hill could improve residents and tourists’ experience in our community.

In addition, during dinner tonight I had a great conversation with Molly De Marco and Bloomington residents who were involved with the Bloomington Community Orchard. Look for more information tomorrow about how their town is working with their university to promote social justice, but in the meantime you can check them out at @BtownOrchard on twitter. 


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