The Most Important Endorsement

Early voting is off to a quick start. Here is OP's traditional special-rules post to learn about your own preferences on the ballot.

The rules: Only write who you're voting for (and why, if you like). You may also list the people you would vote for if you lived in their districts. Do not refer in any way to to any candidates you are not supporting. If you don't follow the rules, your comment will be removed. You're free to critique the candidates through comments on other posts or by posting your own blog entry. In fact, you're warmly invited to do so!


I voted on Saturday straight ticket Democratic.   Plus the judges Ervin, Bryant, McGee, Thigpen

With four Supreme Court Justices in their 70s, the next President will be doing some appointing.The Linda Coleman for Lt. Governor campaign is one of a select few I've donated to this campaign season.  With all 4 polls tied she represents one of our best chances of keeping a progressive voice in our state government's leadership.Whether Sam Ervin for the NC Supreme Court wins or loses determines the balance of the court, and potentially with redistricting and other issues hanging in the balance, the long term future of our state. 

I voted for all of the Democratic Party endorsed positions. This, of course, included voting FOR the transit referendum, which is was endorsed by the Democratic Party. Other transit endorsers have included the Sierra Club, Chamber of Commerce, Regional Transportation Alliance, Indy Week, Walkable Hillsborough, Orange County Cultural Center, the mayors of all three of Orange County's towns, and many, many others.

My ballot was the same as Jason's.  I urge all to keep working GOTV for President, NC is winnable with a good ground game.

I also could have voted straight ticket this year, but I just can't bring myself to do so. I supported the 4 judges endorsed by the OCDP and enthusiastically voted for the Transit Tax.I voted for all the unchallenged incumbent district judges except for one. For Soil & Water Supervisor, I wrote in the late Joe Herzenberg. Since before he died, I've been writing him in whenever I can. ;-) 

I'll be voting for Barbara Howe. She opposes government incentives for big corporations, favors a moratorium on the death penalty, and believes strongly in individual rights. "Native or immigrant, gay or straight, black or white, all people have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

I voted the Democratic ticket. I am afraid the Republicans will win the exec and leg branch at the state level and only federal rules will prevent the state republicans from rolling back all the environmental progress that has been made in NC. I also support the transit sales tax.Loren

The election occurred during the Democratic primaries last spring. I'm looking forward to the newly configured BOCC with Mark Dorosin, Penny Rich, & Renee Price.


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