Watch and discuss election results with us on OPTV


Tuesday, November 6, 2012 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm


Google Hangout

Join us on Tuesday night for first-ever OrangePolitics' live, online election show! We will webcast a discussion of the election results starting with a preview at 7:00pm on Tuesday, and continuing on each half hour until the results are in (usually by 9pm at the latest). In addition to the OP Posse (Molly De Marco, Damon Seils, Jeff Miles, and myself) we will have several elected (newly and otherwise) officials and transit advocates on with us to talk about the results and what they mean for Orange County.

Guests are also welcome to come "on the air" with us during the show and post in the live chat room via Google Plus or just watch the show live on YouTube - all from the comfort of your own home or favorite victory party. Here's an invitation to the event: 

We will be using Google Hangouts to do this, which is free and easy but requires a Google Plus account. You can join in from any computer or laptop with a web cam. Here's more about the technology: 

More details to come as we figure it all out! 


Confirmed* guests include: Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton, County Commissioner Barry Jacobs, and Commisioners-elect Mark Dorosin, Penny Rich, and Renee Price! * Technical gods willing. 

This is our first time doing this using Google Hangouts on Air, so I just want to let folks know that you don't have to use Google or even leave OP to watch this. I'll post a link and/or embed the live video when we get started on Tuesday. You can find that (and any video we do ever) in our OPTV archive. We would love to have you join us on OPTV, you can actually participate (ie: share your head, voice, and screen) if you RSVP to the event on Google Plus.

Link for live election results for Orange. Note that the precinct map display ONLY includes election day votes, early votes will be allocated out to the precincts and a new site build within 90 days

If it's only the precinct maps that will not be current, I understand and that's fine.

All results will be there 


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