New Commissioners Step Up Tonight

Tonight at the Central Orange Senior Center (103 Meadowlands Drive, Hillsborough), three new members will be sworn in to the Orange County Board of Commissioners. A reception will take place at 6 pm with the business meeting starting at 7. Follow @orangepolitics for live tweets from the meeting.

After taking their new seats, the first item on the agenda (PDF) will be to elect a chair and vice-chair for the next year. New commissioners Renee Price, Penny Rich, and Mark Dorosin were elected in a primary in which voters seemed strongly intent on change (incumbents lost in both districts). They join a group with a strong record of environmentalism, and with good intentions on social justice and economic development. I'm looking forward to seeing what this new board of comissioners can accomplish together.



I see via Damon and Molly's tweets that the board has elected Barry Jacobs as chair and Earl McKee as vice-chair. I think Jacobs is a great experienced choice to lead the newly-constituted board.

Anonymous (sorry, meant to say unanimous) votes for Jacobs as Chair & McKee as vice chair conceal the actual desires of Board members. Then there was new Chair Jacobs asking the cowd for applause for outgoing Chair Pelissier and then the crowd giving her a standing ovation.Then Jacobs facilitated the extension of Manager Clifton's tenure.It strained reality, but maybe public civility is better than the alternative. Maybe.


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