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OrangePolitics is a community resource established in 2003, which includes community blogs, election information, and live online candidate forums. The site has been using Drupal 5 since 2008 and is sorely in need of an update to Drupal 6 or 7. (Learn more about what is involved at

Drupal is a powerful, open source community content platform based on PHP and MySQL. It is growing dramatically in popularity and is currently used by thousands of enterprise web sites from to Drupal developers are in high demand, so this is an opportunity to develop an extremely marketable skill. The project will be supervised by OP’s founder, who is a professional Drupal administrator and is well-connected in the nonprofit tech community.

In addition to migrating the MySQL database from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 and moving the site to a new web host, there may also be other opportunities including Drupal theming, developing additional features, or proposing new page layouts for the site.

Budget: $800

Deadline: Flexible.

Requirements: Experience hosting, building, and/or managing Drupal sites. Experience with SQL commands and database structures. Ability to find, read, and follow convoluted community-contributed instructions. Must be able balance independent work with regular check-ins, and take constructive feedback and direction from supervisor and possible testers.

Please submit qualifications using this form by 5pm EST March 1 to be considered.

Why is this an RFQ instead of an RFP?



I just realized that although I announced it at our OP Happy Hour, I forgot to post about this here on the site. We received several applications, some local some not. Three of the proposals were what I consider "qualified." That is, they had the skills to be able to figure this project out (if not experience doing it) and they were able to follow directions well enough to complete the application.Of those three, one actually had experience migrating sites from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6, which is just what we need (and is much tricker than it sounds). Fortunately that one person was Chapel Hill's very own Jason Baker! So Jason was hired by OP a few weeks ago to start working on our site upgrade. We will post more here when we have some good news.


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