Local Media Ignores Claims Against UNC

Huffington Post broke the story University Of North Carolina Routinely Violates Sexual Assault Survivor Rights, Students Claim on Wednesday. Yesterday the Daily Tarheel has a story called Complaint: UNC pressured dean to underreport sexual assault cases. No where can this story be found on the websites of the Chapel Hill News, Chapelboro, News & Observer, or Indy Week. Why? Have links I haven't found? Share them in the comments.




Not my story, but a copy of the complaint would be helpful. USDOE doesn't make them available. The DTH apparently has seen it but they haven't posted it.

And a strong op-ed by senior Tim Longest in today's Daily Tar Heel. I'm hoping we'll see more of Tim here on OP soon. Stay tuned.

Tim has had some great information to share through the DTH, and some strong leadership on this issue.  I think that much more can be said for the issues with sexual violence in today's world.  Furthermore, I think that the conversation can be opened to include more stakeholders in this issue, including recognizing and acknowledging that women are not the only victims of sexual violence and that men, hetero- and homosexual, are not precluded from being assaulted as well.


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