Chapel Hill Town Council Business Meeting


Monday, March 25, 2013 - 7:00pm


Council chambers
  Petitions from the Public
Petitions will not be acted upon at the time they are presented. It shall take a unanimous vote of the Council members present for a petition to be acted upon immediately upon its presentation. After receiving a petition, the Council shall, by simple motion, dispose of it as follows: consideration at a future regular meeting of the Council; or referral to another board or committee for study and report; or referral to the Town Manager for investigation and report; or receive for information. (Receiving does not imply approval, agreement, or consent.)
  Announcements by Council members
Items of a routine nature will be placed on the Consent Agenda to be voted on in a block. Any item may be removed from the Consent Agenda by request of the Mayor or any Council Member.
 1.  Approve all Consent Agenda Items.  (R-1)

 2.  Approve Budget Amendment to Adjust Various Fund Budgets.  (R-2)(O-1)

 3.  Adopt Minutes for the June 11 and September 27, 2012 and February 2, 2013 Meetings.  (R-3)

These items are reports or information for the Council.
 4.  Report on Traffic Calming Policy and Procedures.  

 5.  Consider Land Use Management Ordinance Text Amendments - Commercial Centers, Commercial Ground Signs, Movable Signs (Sandwich Boards), and Wall Signs.  (R-4)(O-2)(O-3)(O-4)

PRESENTER: Gene Poveromo, Development Manager

  1. Introduction and revised recommendations by the Manager
  2. Comments and questions from the Mayor and Town Council
  3. Motion to adjourn Public Hearing
  4. Motion to adopt the Resolution of Consistency with the Comprehensive Plan
  5. Motion to enact ordinance to amend definition of commercial signs
  6. Motion to enact ordinance to amend commercial ground sign heights
  7. Motion to enact ordinance to amend removable, changeable signs

RECOMMENDATIONS: That the Council adopt the Resolution and enact Ordinances A, B, and C.

 6.  Presentation: Chapel Hill Transit Pay for Park and Ride.  (R-5)

PRESENTER: Brian Litchfield, Interim Transit Director

RECOMMENDATIONS: That the Council receive this presentation and adopt the resolution amending the user fee policies and schedules, effective August 15, 2013, to include a rate structure for park and ride lots managed and operated by Chapel Hill Transit.

 7.  Consider Council Committee on Boards and Commissions' Recommendation to Extend Advisory Board Appointments.  (R-6)

PRESENTER: Gene Pease, Council Member

RECOMMENDATIONS: That the Council adopt the resolution.

 8.  Adopt a Resolution to Appoint Council Liaisons to Several Boards.  (R-7)

  Reserved for Discussion of Consent Agenda Items if Necessary

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