Election Day, no really

If you live in Carrboro, you will be selecting your newest member of the Board of Aldermen today. Now, it's true you only have one option, but it's a really good one!

For the rest of us, there's not much to do but speculate about the turnout and celebrate Damon's victory. How many voters do you think will cast ballots today?





I was way off, though I did have the last two digits correct. it was apparently 264, a 1.69% turnout.http://results.enr.clarityelections.com/NC/Orange/45354/115468/Web01/en/summary.htmlSt Johns had a 0% turnout, none of the 70 registered voters showed up.t                      Registered Voters             Ballots Cast                  Voter Turnout                 CB_CARRBORO                   1730                          63                            3.64%DM_DAMASCUS                   1767                          6                             0.34%HF_HOGAN FARMS                2074                          40                            1.93%LC_LIONS CLUB                 2787                          57                            2.05%NC_NORTH CARRBORO       2324                          32                            1.38%OW_OWASA                      2720                          24                            0.88%SJ_ST JOHN                    70                            0                             0.00%TH_TOWN HALL              2175                          38                            1.75%ONE STOP                      0                             4                             0.00%ABSENTEE BY MAIL              0                             0                             0.00%PROVISIONAL                   0                             0                             0.00%Total:                        15647                         264                           1.69%


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