Thank you for epic community service, Chad Johnston

Chad Johnston is the director of Chapel Hill's grassroots public access station The People's Channel. Not many people truly know the scope of the contributions he has made toward democratizing media both in Orange County and in Orange County. Sadly he's leaving us to run a station in a bigger community. The Independent Weekly has a wonderful cover story about him this week, and the public is invited to a potluck to say farewell to Chad tonight at the TPC studio on Elliot Road. If you can't attend in person, you can watch it live on TV!

I highly recommend reading the Indy article which gives a sense of how Chad has gone to bat to protect community media at the state level, as well as the thankless work of building and sustaining capacity for grassroots voices to be heard both in Orange and Durham Counties.

If you have worked with Chad or TPC please share your stories and appreciations with us here.



Chad's departure is a loss for our community, but it's a big gain for SPNN in St. Paul and I have not doubt it is the next critical step in an incredible carreer in expanding public media access.  Thanks, Chad, for all you have done for Carrboro, Chapel Hill and Durham!  

Chad is a great leader. When you think of a leader the person that usually comes to mind is a politician or a coach. Those kinds of leaders are ok but I am most impressed by the quite busy ones. They’re people who defer their gain to share it with others.

Chad is a doer. Showing us how to help others by doing much more than talking. He empowers by teaching others how to make their own media. An increasingly powerful skill set in the 21st Century. Chad has lead by example as long as I've known him. Whether it's standing up for community media in the State legislature or helping young people tell their story with video.

I will miss Chad madly. Not just as a friend and neighbor but as a role model of how people SHOULD inspire communities.


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