Welcome to the OP Posse, Travis Crayton!

Today I am very happy to announce that we have a new member joining the OrangePolitics Posse (a.k.a. editorial board)! Travis Crayton has been a regular poster & commenter here on OP for almost 2 years. Travis first became interested in local issues when he served as treasurer and an active volunteer for Lee Storrow's 2011 campaign. Since then, he's become particularly interested in transit, economic development, town-university relations, and all things downtown. He graduates this Sunday from UNC with a degree in political science and public policy.

I think he's going to make an excellent addition the the posse, and he's jumping in by helping to live tweet the Chapel Hill Town Council Worksession tonight on @OrangePolitics!

Please join us at our next editorial meeting on June 2nd to welcome him in person. 


I have worked with Travis in a variety of capacities, and OP is getting a truly dedicated and hard-working individual.  Travis continually brings a unique perspective to the conversation and his leadership is evident not only by his work, but the company he keeps.  I'm looking forward to seeing Travis continue to engage in our local community.Congratulations!

Congrats Travis, and congrats OP! Upwards and onwards...


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