Carrboro Aldermen, County Commissioners consider Rogers Road resolutions

At their meetings last night, both the Carrboro Board of Aldermen and Orange County Board of Commissioners considered resolutions concerning the Rogers Road Task Force. The Carrboro Board of Aldermen unanimously approved a resolution expressing their support for full sewer service for all of the Rogers Road neighborhood. By contrast, the Board of County Commissioners rejected a separate resolution put forward by Commissioner Mark Dorosin that would have expressed the BOCC's intent to participate in the provision of sewer improvements. Only Dorosin and Commissioner Barry Jacobs voted in favor of the resolution.

For some background on the recent developments with the Rogers Road Task Force, see Alderperson Michelle Johnson's post here, as well as OP editor Molly De Marco's summary of last week's task force meeting here.

At the center of this discussion is the question of funding. Currently, the Board of Aldermen remains the only governing body to have committed to the sewer improvements.

I attended the Carrboro Board of Aldermen meeting, and Molly attended the Board of County Commissioners meeting. We livetweeted some of the discussion, as you can see below. The full text of both resolutions is included below as well.

The Chapel Hill Town Council will take up this item at their meeting next Monday, June 24th, at 7pm. Public comment is allowed.



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