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  Yesterday I over heard an open conversation at Chapel Hill Inspection Department concerning Northside Element School. Three men were explaining to a Town employee why their company Bordeaux Construction should be allowed to circumvent town standard and requirements. The Town employee while quit pleasant was clear that was not to be the case. One of the three from Bordeaux Construction hinted to some use of power to force the Town staffer to renege.  These veiled threats did not the effect the staffers resolve that the project would need to meet the Town policies.

  The Town did not do this for its recent Library project and should not do so for the Chapel Hill School District. If the School District contractor is wanting to short cut procedures and requirements related to Chapel Hill Building Inspection, it raises question to what other corners they may have cut on this project. It should be of serious concern to the School Board , an audit of Bordeaux behavior relate to all inspection and stipulation in the Special Use Permit and the Zone Compliance Permit as well as Building and any other permits that were required to assure that they followed procedure. Also an audit of the total cost, overruns or change orders is done.

Bill Starling





I would be more that happy to provide you a complete tour of anywhere you would like to inspect on the Northside Elementary School.  Your comment that that project has cut short procedures or requirements is untrue and unfounded.  We have coordinated and have a respectful relationship with all the PME and General CH inspections personnel.  If you would like to take me up on my tour please feel free to contact me at 919-220-1141 x31  

Tom Bordeaux



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