Friends of Downtown Chapel Hill Candidate Forum


Thursday, August 29, 2013 - 10:00am


Franklin Hotel, Second Floor, 311 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill

Chapel HIll Mayor and Council candidates will be asked questions prepared by Board members of the Friends of Downtown at this event. Candidates who have not run for office before will go first, followed by the incumbent candidates, and then Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt (running unopposed). Before answering their first question, each candidate will have two minutes to introduce themselves to the audience. After each question, the moderator will ask someone from the audience for one follow-up question on the topic. If time permits, he will ask a second audience question of each candidate.

Coffee will be available at 9:30am prior to the start of the forum.


Having the challengers go before the incumbents is a unique approach. I've never heard of a forum doing that before. I wonder what the purpose of that is? 

This was generally the format used in August 2011. In that case: those who had never run before, a couple of candidates who had, and incumbents.  Ed Harrison

I would have been happier if the newcomers and the incumbents would field and answer questions at the same time. Gary Kahn


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