phone calls and surveys

I received two political phone calls yesterday. One was from Citizens United. It played a long speech from Mike Huckabee about health care. He repeated all the old odd statements about Obamacare even including "death panels". After it finished a human came on line and asked for a donation and an offer to send me a "free" book. I complained about all the false sttements Huckabee made and pointed out the need for universal health care. The Citizens United person politely thanked me for my opinion and suggested I look at their website.  The next call was from PPP and surveyed us on our choice for State Senate. Do folks with only cell phones get these calls?

Via email, letters and phone I have received 9 invitations for Chapel Hill Town Council forums, 3 interviews and 4 questionaires. The Independent will send out their questions in mid September. Sierra Club/Chamber of Commerce and Friends of Bolin Creek/ Neighborhoods have not set the dates yet for their forums.I was able to attend 4  of the advisory board feedback meetings this summer and hope to attend the LUMO meetings in September.




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