Chapel Hill Ballot

Hi all, Just  a note the  November sample ballot for Chapel Hill  can now be viewed  at  N.C. Board of elections. org.  gary kahn



here's the five Orange ballot styles. Durham ballots (including the one for Chapel Hill part) won't be released 'til after the October 8 primary in Durham city9/10/2013  3:20 PM        92543 ORANGE-20131105-Style001.pdf 9/10/2013  3:20 PM        92172 ORANGE-20131105-Style002.pdf 9/10/2013  3:20 PM        91570 ORANGE-20131105-Style003.pdf 9/10/2013  3:20 PM        91625 ORANGE-20131105-Style004.pdf 9/10/2013  3:20 PM        91404 ORANGE-20131105-Style005.pdf


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