Forum Open Thread: Hillsborough Board of Commissioners


Hello there! I just want to make sure I am seen as a candidate- when I tried to reply to Jenn's greeting, I was blacked with the comment that only candidates can comment. Can you let me know how to change this? Thanks so much!   

So sorry, that was an oversight on our part! It has been corected now. 

ok thanks! Just replied to your first question here. Should I cut and paste on the forum?


Yes, please do. Sorry for the confusion. 

Vanessa, I believe that the fact that we've got three smart, engaged candidates who are passionate about our town says a lot about the kind of town we live in. We are not unique- I think we represent well the kind of community we have; one that is engaged and committed to doing what's needed to keep things moving forward for Hillsborough. 


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