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 As a candidate I have been trying to keep up with the new voting rules. Early voting starts on Oct. 17 but except for Sat. Nov. 2 is is only Mon.- Fri. and not on weekends. The Orange Politics calendar needs to be corrected. See http://www.co.orange.nc.us/elect/documents/onestopsites2013.pdf from the Orange County board of elections for details. Most of the new voting rules don't take place until next near but now is a good time to help everyone get a voter ID. We should have the goal of everyone obtaining their ID before the May 2014 primary.



  Thurs&Fri Oct 17-18 Mon-Fri Oct 21-25 Mon-Fri Oct 28-Nov 1 Sat Nov 2
Ramshead 9am-4pm 9am-4pm 9am-4pm 9am-1pm
Carrboro Town Hall 9am-4pm 9am-4pm 9am-4pm 9am-1pm
Seymour Center Noon-6pm Noon-6pm Noon-6pm 9am-1pm
Board of Elections 9am-5pm 9am-5pm 9am-5pm 9am-1pm

Great chart, Can we all cut and paste it and put it on our campaign web sites?Loren

free to use however you'd like -- early voting is important for all

The reason the calendar is wrong is that I entered it as one event which starts on the first day and ends on the last day. If we created an event for each day of voting, it would clog up the calendar and especially up Upcoming events list (below).I will edit the description with James' table and try to make this clearer. 

Jacquelyn Gist Does anyone know why Saturdays were dropped-except for 11/2? lots of voters vote during the Carrboro Farmers Market

hope im  helping, Gary Kahn

This doc is updated each day by 9am - http://www.co.orange.nc.us/elect/includes/documents/2013NovOne-stopTotal... In case you don't have it bookmarked, here are the 2011 #s - http://www.co.orange.nc.us/elect/documents/2011One-stopTotals.pdf283 on 1st day in 2011, 109 yesterday

with none of OC's three major mayoral races being contested and no bonds on the ballot. In Wake County, 15 percent of voters cast ballots recently. In Durham County, only 6 percent voted.  And Wake had almost $900 million in bonds on the ballot.  For being a supposedly progressive area of the country we don't represent ourselves well at the ballot box.

the Durham numbers are meaningless, it was a nonpartisan primary to narrow the field to two. I wouldn't wish that system on my worst enemy

at Carrboro Town Hall today in early afternoon.

So we finished at 2076 vs 4243 across the county 2 years ago, but let's look a little deeper.   Board of Elections was down 800 voters.  No sales tax on ballot this year, so no county voters.Campus site (U Square/Rams Head) was down 700 voters.  I figure NCGA FUD plus lack of Lee Storrow on the ballot has to be big part of that.That means Carrboro and  Seymour were down 25%.  Not good, but not as bad as it looks at first glance across the county.  4 years ago, we were at 2355, btw.  So down from that as well.

Chapel Hill and Carrboro totals below include areas in city precincts that are in school district but not in city (does not quite total the 2076 as I probably missed a precinct somewhere. sorry)Chapel Hill 1279 D73%, R5%, U21%Carrboro 616 D76, R3, U21Hillsborough 198 D70, R5, U25 

The State Board website shows that there were 2076 early votes and 44 mail-in ballots received as of Sunday (mail in votes can be counted if received by the BoE through the mail of next Friday the 8th)Analyzing the file, here is the party breakout for Orange:early votesD 74.3%R 4.3%U 21.3%L 0.1%mail-insD 68.2%R 0.0%U 31.8%L 0.0% I've never seen R numbers that low for ANYTHING in Orange County EVER.In Charlotte, comparing early votes with 2009 (the last open Mayoral race) total turnout is down 9%, but Democratic and Unaffiliated turnout are each up 1% but Republican turnout is down 32%, Both parties are running well-funded mayoral campaigns there


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