HD-50 Selection Committee Meeting


Thursday, October 24, 2013 - 7:00pm


Orange County Library, 137 West Margaret Lane, Hillsborough
The House District 50 Selection Committee will meet to select now-Senator Valerie Foushee's replacement. Location TBD. Discuss and learn more about the candidates here.


The meeting location has been announced: the Orange County Library, 137 West Margaret Lane, Hillsborough.

Interesting that they would pick a location in House 54 to select the new House 50 representative. Granted, I think it speaks volumes to the gerrymandering that was done that District 50 contains no centrally located public building that actually sits within the district. (Though the Orange County Library is only about four and a half miles west of the actual geographic center of District 50, which is off St. Mary's Rd.)


They couldn't even find a public/civic building for the meeting in house 50? That district is so controrted! 

way to go.   There are two female office holders who've each won two elections and they are passed over by someone who's never run a campaign before, to replace a woman leaving the seat...now that's progressive.    

If you were an Orange County voter you might be aware that we are concerned about many issues in addition to gender representation in the legislature. In addition to personally having good values and a grasp of NC issues, an effective leader should also have the skills to make policy, collaborate effectively when possible, and bravely stand apart at the right moments. Based on having seen both previously-elected women in action, I think Graig was far away the best choice to fight for justice in the General Assembly.  No one person or group owns "progressive" especially in Orange County.

"I can raise $30,000 for the campaign by December 31"

If your elected officials, especially in Raleigh, aren't raising money then they're doing something wrong. I understand money in politics often has a negative connoation, but I want to make sure we keep HD50 blue in November and hopefully win seats in other parts of the state too. To do that, we need well funded candidates who can fight back against the likes of Art Pope, etc. 

Danielle Adams, Bernadette Pelissier and Laurin Easthom are all women who've been elected twice. That being said, I would echo Ruby's sentiments that progressiveness is defined by much more than simple demographic representation. Diversity is important and I'm proud that OC's delegation is 2/3 women. Obviously we need more women from across the state in Raleigh, but a candidate like Graig, with years of community involvement and experience, shouldn't be passed over simply because he's a man. 


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