Moving to the Senate

Last Wednesday I was sworn in to the North Carolina Senate, filling the vacancy created by Senator Ellie Kinnaird’s retirement. I was humbled and honored by the committee’s decision Sunday as well as the outpouring of support I’ve received in the last few weeks.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Sen. Kinnaird for her continued service to North Carolina, to the members of the State Senate District Executive Committee for trusting me with their vote, and to the entire Democratic Party for running a fair and honest process.

I want you to know that I see this new position as a responsibility. Senate District 23 is the progressive core of North Carolina and we need a legislator who is both a passionate advocate for liberal causes, following the example set by Ellie Kinnaird, and also effective in a hostile environment.

During my tenure in the House, I fought to successfully pass local bills that benefited my constituents and worked with both sides of the aisle to keep a correctional facility in Orange county open.  I saw Sen. Berger and Rep Tillis and the rest of the Republicans pass legislation every day that set our state back. They are well organized and have a clear agenda in mind. It’s time Democrats step up.

The only way to save our state is to match their organization and put forward our own, positive agenda for a progressive North Carolina. I’m ready to get to work. As a Senator, I will continue to be a champion for economic and social justice, for a woman’s constitutional right to choose and the right of every person, regardless of age, race or class to vote.

In the next week we’ll be announcing a listening tour of the district with stops throughout Orange and Chatham counties. I want to hear from you and understand what you want in a Senator, so I hope you’ll be able to attend. For more information on that and other events, please like our new facebook page, follow me on twitter and visit our new website to find more ways to stay engaged.  



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