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I came in 6th in almost all precincts. I came in 2nd in the precinct where Sally Greene and I live. It looks like the write-ins for town council were very minimal. Today I have been busy collecting yard signs and taking them to Cedar Falls Park. While I was there sorting the signs, a woman came by and talked. She did not vote yesterday first because she could not find information about the election and secondly because she thought she could vote on Tuesday at the Senior Center. In terms of signs Maria Palmer and I have the union label on the signs and Sally Greene had the name of a local company on hers. About half of us used plastic and half used paper. (Two candidates had no signs.)At the polling sites George, Maria, James, Ignacio and I had the most signs. Amy and Sally managed to include their Daily Tar Heel endorsement (given early election day morning) on some of their signs. Maria listed her Indy Endorsement and George listed all of his. I had my AFL-CIO and Sierra Club endorsements on my precinct signs. My son Carl told me he had never heard of the AFL-CIO until I mentioned to him my endorsement from them in September. The AFL-CIO phoned members and sent out an endorsement card. The sierra club endorsements were sent to members via mail and electronically. The Indy endorsements were listed weekly. My guess is Maria and George whould have won without the Indy endorsement but I might have come in 5th rather than 6th if I had received the Indy's endorsement.



This election analysis is wrong . I finished last of Nine of nineĀ  canidates and the fact that the voter turnout was low and that chapel hill voters who did turn out voted for a man who has only lived in the community for six months over someone who lived and involved in chapel hill politics for 3.5 years does send a message. Thank you, Gary Kahn


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