Rosemary Imagined Process - Next Steps

The Rosemary Imagined Neighborhood Project Team, which is helping guide the process for the Town of Chapel Hill and the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership, met again on November 1, 2013 to discuss next steps for the development of a Rosemary Street Concept. We were given a summary of the feedback that has been garnered from the process so far. The top wishes for Rosemary Street are:
  • Keep downton COMPACT and walkable, but identify new development opportunities (basic services, innovation & entrepreneurship, infill, affordable housing, daytime commerce, reduced surface parking).
  • Improve, buses, pedestrains, and bikes.
  • Develop parking and visitor facilities to ANCHOR downtown and deliver customers (utilities and internet, innovation identity, historic and cultural center).
  • Create new GREEN public spaces and advance environmental and financially sustainable development practices (historic and cultural center, gathering space, public and entertainment space, market & park on Lot 2, form-based code/design district).
This feedback will be presented to the public in a meeting on Thursday, November 21, 2014 at 6 pm at Hargraves Center. At that time, the community will be asked to provide feedback on anything they feel is missing from the collection of ideas.

A land planner has been hired to develop several design and streetscape concepts for Rosemary Street based on the feedback that has been gleaned from the May, June, September, and upcoming November Rosemary Imagined meetings. These concepts will be presented to the public at a public meeting in January. I will post that date for this meeting on this site once it is scheduled.

A final concept will be presented to the Chapel Hill Town Council in April or May.

For more information: In 2009, Mikyoung Kim, designer of the 140 West outside space, develeped a Chapel Hill Downtown streetscape plan (see plans for Rosemary Street starting on page 30). 

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