What kind of County Manager do we need now?

As you hopefully know, Orange County is in the process of looking for a new Manager to lead the county government. Last week OP editor Molly De Marco attended the first session along with CHCCSS School Board Member James Barrett and probable County Commissioner candidate Mark Marcoplos. And that's it. No-one else attended the meeting. The second meeting was held last night in Hillsborough, but I was not able to make it (as I had hoped to do) and I doubt many other did in that miserable weather!

Personally, I think the most important trait in a government leader is a dedication to democracy and open government. There are many more priorities, but if a good leader listens to the people of the county then those things will follow.

I'm told that folks can submit their ideas to the commissioners at ocbocc@orangecountync.gov. We already had some great discussion when our last manager Frank Clifton retired about the type of leadership we hope to see from the county, but I wanted to make sure to remind you all to get your voices heard now. We've seen what a disaster it can be to have a manager that thinks he knows better than the constituents and elected officials that are his bossess. Let's see if we can do better this time.



Those of us who take the time to write post on the OP are, one would posit, are people who like to express their opinions.  Oddly though, I find I don't want to take the survey James so kindly posted above.   During each BOCC election there is an extensive public discussion on goals and priorities for the county and the candidates who's views are supported by a plurality of voters are elected.What I expect now from the County Commissioners is that they select a Manager who they believe will best be able to assist them in achieving what we elected them to do. 


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