Carrboro Planning Board Chair, Bethany Chaney, Enters Race for Alderperson


Yay!  More CHHS grads in local office!  I also want to note this is a really well-done press release.  I love seeing campaigns doing things right.

I do not know Bethany Chaney. And she may well be the most qualified person in the whole of Carrboro to serve on its Board of Aldermen. But. The OP Editors announce her candidacy? And you still pretend there is no political machine in Carrboro? I trust the OP Editors will be using their position to give equal exposure to every other candidate ...

She sent her press release to all the local media. OP just moves faster than the dinosaur media, apparently.

I apologize for responding so late. Actually, I checked my first comment on this thread for some three weeks after posting it, to see if anyone had anything further to say. Nothing appeared. Notwithstanding the fact that this moderated submission is dated the day after my comment.Anyway, conspiracy theories to one side (aren't they fun?), apparently OP doesn't move all that fast, after all:1) Oh yes - cf. time disparity between date of moderated 'Anonymous' submission and its actual posting.2) Er. Are we to assume that Talal Asad and Theresa Watson (the other two candidates in the Carrboro Special Election for Alderman) did not produce press releases, and do not have web-sites? And that this is the reason for the seeming tilt by OP towards the candidate they announced? Oh no. Look. Theresa does have a web-site: isn't about personalities. I repeat, I don't know any of the three candidates. It's about progressives in a progressive community playing fair at election time.OP has a responsibility as a member of the media community to offer all candidates equal exposure.In the meantime, when OP takes it upon itself to offer bias towards one candidate or a specific group of candidates, I'm going to continue to suggest there is a form of Tammany Hall operating to the detriment of Carrboro (and maybe Chapel Hill), and that OP is a part of it.Prove me wrong, OP. Start acting without favor ... 


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