Campus and Community Leaders to Vote Early at NC Hillel

Campus and community leaders will gather at North Carolina Hillel this Thursday, April 24th, at 3:30pm, to celebrate the first day of early voting in this year's May primary election. UNC Chancellor Carol Folt, NC Hillel Executive Director Ari Gauss, Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt, and UNC Student Body President Andrew Powell will make brief remarks before casting their ballots.

NC Hillel was selected as a new early voting site by the Orange County Board of Elections for this year's May primary following concerns about the accessibility and availability of previously used early voting sites on and near the UNC campus. As the campus site, it is important that NC Hillel has high rates of participation so the Orange County Board of Elections will continue to place an early voting site on or near the UNC campus. I hope you'll join me in voting early at NC Hillel to show your support for an accessible site for UNC students for future elections! 

Parking may be limited on Thursday, and if you are planning to attend by car, it is probablly wise to arrive a couple minutes early to find parking. There are a number of public parking lots in downtown Chapel Hill that are just a short walk away from NC Hillel. You can find a detailed map of parking options at  

Early voting begins on April 24th and concludes on May 3rd. In addition to NC Hillel, four other sites across Orange County will be open for early voting. For more information about early voting locations and hours, please visit the Orange County Board of Elections website at



Lee I think there are seven (?) bus routes that go within a block -- publicity should list them

Before you go vote this year, take advantage of the many resources available to better know the candidates and the issues.Right here on OrangePolitics, we have several resources to provide more information and context to each race, including:

You can also learn more about the candidates in the News & Observer's candidate profiles database. A list of all candidates running in Orange County can be found right here


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