Election Day Open Thread

Today is runoff day across Orange County!

Democrats in all precincts have the chance to choose between Charles Blackwood and David Caldwell in the Democratic primary for Sheriff while Republicans in the northern part of the county can vote to choose the Republican nominee for Congress in North Carolina's 6th district. Unaffiliated voters who voted in the May 6th primary may only vote the same party in today's runoff. Unaffiliated voters who did not vote on May 6th can vote today and, if applicable, choose which party ballot they wish to cast. A total of 1519 voters cast their ballots early at the Board of Elections office in Hillsborough.

What are you seeing at the polls today? I was voter #1 at Smith Middle School just after 6:30am this morning with no other voters in sight.

Results will be posted online after polls close at 7:30pm tonight.



At 4:59, 78 people had voted at Glenwood. 

As of 4:59, 78 people had voted at the Glenwood Precinct in Chapel Hill at the UNC Friday Center.

Charles Blackwood won the second primary for Orange County Sheriff by 540 votes over David Caldwell.David Caldwell took 47% of the vote to Blackwood's 53% with all precincts reporting. Final results can be found here, unfortunately with the new NC Board of Elections website precinct-specific results are not available. 

Would appreciate if Erin or James would remind the rest of us where to look for such results as well.

You have to go into the results page "clean" -- http://enr.ncsbe.gov/ElectionResults/  Then the links to download precinct data is on the left side.  It will give you the entire state in a ZIPped CSV file, but just a little Excel manipulating from there to get what we care about.


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