Solarize Chapel Hill Kickoff


Wednesday, September 3, 2014 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm


Chapel Hill Public Library


Solarize Chapel Hill is a grassroots effort that makes it simple and affordable to go solar. We organize neighbors together for free solar assessments and group discounts.

This event will have solar experts to step you through each phase of the process: design and installation, connection to your utility, how to qualify for tax credits that cover up to 65% of the installation costs, and options for financing. Our panel will also answer all of your questions.

Everyone in Orange County is eligible to participate!



I am pleased to see this initiative expanding.  I wonder if you have considered including solar water heating in the scope. As I am sure you know, this can be quite efficient in our part of the country. There could be additional benefits to a co-installation.


Thanks, Jeff -- great point and I agree. Both of our installer partners also do solar water heating and do advise when a home is a good fit. Solar water heating is not part of our group discount program, but we should work to incorporate this as well as energy efficiency measures in the future. 


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