This Week in Orange Politics: September 8-14

This week, the Chapel Hill Town Council returns to their newly renovated Council Chambers, the Carrboro Board of Aldermen addresses livestock within town limits, the Hillsborough Town Board talks about the militarization of police, and more. Here’s the full summary:


  • Regular Meeting: Tuesday, September 9th, 7:30pm at Carrboro Town Hall
    • See full agenda here.
    • Notable agenda items include:
      • A discussion of options for use of the office space above Acme Restaurant (to be vacated by Fleet Feet)
      • Continuation of the discussion of an amendment to the Joint Planning Agreement on other agricultural uses within the rural buffer.
      • A discussion of proposed changes to the keeping of livestock (chickens) within town limits.


  • Regular Meeting: Monday, September 8th, 7pm at Chapel Hill Town Hall
    • See the full agenda here.
    • Notable agenda items include:
      • The public hearing on the potential Rogers Road ETJ returns to the Council for discussion tonight (possibly - it may just be continued, as staff have recommended).
      • The Council will also consider additional modifications to the towing ordinance following the (relatively) recent Supreme Court ruling.
  • Work Session: Wednesday, September 10th, 6pm at Chapel Hill Public Library, Meeting Room B
    • See the full agenda here.
    • Notable agenda items include:
      • Reports on the Obey Creek Development Agreement Process and Downtown Imagined will be received by the Council.


  • The Board will not meet this week. Its next meeting is a work session on Thursday, September 18th.


  • Regular Meeting: September 8th, 7pm at the Town Barn
    • See the full agenda here.
    • Notable agenda items include:
      • Request from the Centre for Home Ownership to cooperatively fund a rental clearinghouse with other county jurisdictions
      • Presentation on “Militarization” and Use of Force as it relates to the Hillsborough Police Department.


  • Quarterly Public Hearing: Monday, September 8, 7pm at the Richard Whitted Meeting Facility, Hillsborough
    • See the full agenda here.
    • The commissioners will get feedback on minor adjustments to the 2030 land use map and unified development ordinance
  • Work Session: Thursday, September 11, 7pm at the Southern Human Services Center
    • See the full agenda here.
    • Noteable agenda items include:
      • An update on the transit plan
      • Consideration of benefits for all employees and analysis of non-permanent employees


  • Regular Meeting: Monday, September 8th, 7:00pm, at the Central Office Boardroom
    • See the full agenda here.
    • Noteable agenda items include:
      • Review and approval of changes to Board policy as recommended by the Educational Policy Subcommittee
      • A budget update from the Superintendent concerning the now-enacted NCGA budget and additional allocations from the County Commissioners



One more item of note (to our school systems at least, and particularly our aging schools) on the BoCC agenda: further discussion of bond referendum.  There are some updated #s in the agenda but otherwise not much news in the brief.  I plan to be there to hear more on Thursday.

The OWASA Board of Directors has changed their meeting structure. The BOD meets twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays. As of August 2014, the first meeting of the month will be conducted as a work session in the OWASA community room. Petitions and comment will only be taken on agenda items. The first meeting under this new structure will be this week. The agenda will address employee compensation and the initial planning for implementing digital metering. The agenda can be found here:


A clarification: The Carrboro Board of Aldermen will discuss "agricultural support enterprises,"  not "other agricultural uses." Agricultural support enterprises are land uses that are related to agriculture and that provide farmers with supplemental sources of income and/or provide agricultural infrastructure that facilitate farming and other agricultural uses. Examples include things like cold storage facilities, cooperative farm stands, farm supply stores, breweries and wineries, rural bed and breakfast inns, etc. Carrboro and Chapel Hill are involved in this discussion with the county because it involves amendments to the Joint Planning Agreement that would allow these uses in the Rural Buffer.

The document at the following link contains a useful summary of the land uses that are currently allowable in the Rural Buffer and the land uses that are proposed to be allowable in the Rural Buffer:


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